Get a year’s supply of statin cholesterol meds delivered to your door after an online consult and a simple lab test.

Starting at $15/month for meds.

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How we help

Understand and manage your cholesterol for less than $230 a year including labs and medicine.

Lemonaid is a San Francisco-based online doctor’s office. Just like a traditional doctor’s office we can help you on a one-time or ongoing basis.

Our cholesterol service helps the millions of Americans who face an increased risk of heart attack and stroke due to high cholesterol. Using Lemonaid we can help you manage your cholesterol for as little as $223 a year even if you have no insurance - this includes a doctor visit every three months, lab work, and, when appropriate, generic prescription medicines. Whenever possible we prescribe low cost generics.

If you don’t need treatment but want to understand how your cholesterol changes over time, we can also help by ordering lab work.

Who we help

We can help if you want to understand your cholesterol levels or if you need treatment.

Even if you don’t have high cholesterol, you can use Lemonaid to order labs to measure how your cholesterol levels change over time. Our doctors can help interpret your results.

We can also help if you need treatment. If you’ve had lab work through Lemonaid then we can write three-month prescriptions for a type of medicine called statins on an ongoing basis. If you’ve never had blood work through Lemonaid then a single one-month refill of your existing statin is the most we can prescribe until you’re able to go to the lab to get your lab work done.

Medicines We Prescribe

Generic statins and branded statins.

Generic statin


Branded statin




Guaranteed Doctor Response


How High Cholesterol Visits Work

Lemonaid saves you time and money. It’s easier than you think.

Answer health questions

These questions cover your medical history, symptoms, current medicines, and allergies. It’s important to answer them accurately.

Pay doctor visit and lab fee

Pay a fee for the doctor’s visit. If you’ve never had labs with Lemonaid you’ll also pay an additional lab fee for the cost of your blood work at Quest Diagnostics.

Doctor review

Depending upon state regulations, you may have a short video visit with one of our doctors or nurse practitioners immediately after paying. If you don’t need labs, we may prescribe treatment at this point.

Get your labs done

If you’ve paid for your labs, visit your nearest Quest Diagnostics. You’ll need to show the lab your photo I.D. You don’t need to make an appointment, but an appointment can save you even more time.

Lab results review

If you’ve had labs, we’ll review your results and share them with you. If appropriate we’ll give you a prescription.

FREE delivery to your door

2-3 day shipping


If you need lab work it costs on top of the Lemonaid visit fee.

We order all our lab tests through Quest Diagnostics and we’ve negotiated great prices to keep costs low for everybody. If we order labs, we’ll test your cholesterol, liver, and thyroid.

The lab test itself only costs you because we’ve negotiated great prices to keep your costs low.


Find your nearest Quest Diagnostics location.

Quest Diagnostics has thousands of locations around the country.

It’s important to select one that allows you to book an appointment online. You don’t need to actually book an appointment, but if the location lets you book online appointments, then we know they’re connected to the online ordering system that we use to order your Cholesterol labs.

Who We Can't Help

Anyone can use Lemonaid to get tested for high cholesterol, but we can’t prescribe treatment if the following apply.

  • Under 18
  • 75 or older
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver problems
  • Allergy to statins
  • Want a different type of cholesterol treatment other than statins
  • Pregnant or trying to get pregnant

For us to give you a prescription for a statin you need to know your blood pressure. The good news is there are thousands of pharmacies that have machines that measure blood pressure accurately for free. Find your nearest higi machine or Pursuant Health machine. Most Walmart, Sams Club, Safeway and Rite Aid have a machine.

Treatment & Risks

It’s important to understand the treatment we recommend and the potential risks involved.

Managing Your Overall Health

Managing your cholesterol with statins is only one part of looking after your heart and overall wellness. It’s really important to understand that unlike a traditional doctor’s office we don’t provide the full range of care you need. Lemonaid provides one small piece of the care you need. It’s important to complement Lemonaid with visiting a traditional doctor’s office when you need to.

If you use Lemonaid to help manage your high cholesterol, we’ll give you guidance on other aspects of your health that you need to manage.

We Only Prescribe Statins

Just like a doctor’s office, we only prescribe statins when it’s safe and appropriate to do so based on widely-recognized national guidelines. We don’t currently prescribe other classes of medicines that can also lower your cholesterol. You’ll need to see a doctor in person if you want treatment with one of these alternative medicines.

Risks of Taking Statins

Statins are generally safe but can cause rare and serious side effects including but not limited to profound muscle pain and weakness, severe allergic reaction, kidney failure, disability, and death. These risks can be increased if you take other prescription medicines, so be sure to tell us all the other medicines you’re taking.

Before taking any medicine we prescribe, always read the treatment plan we send you and the package insert that comes with your medicine for a full list of side effects and warnings.



We're based in San Francisco. You can call us or hit us with questions on instant chat during business hours. You can send us a secure message through your Lemonaid account any time.

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