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Pick up NuvaRing from your local pharmacy today after an online consultation with our medical team.

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How we help

Get a prescription for NuvaRing

Get NuvaRing birth control ring without having to go to a doctor’s office and pick up NuvaRing at a local pharmacy today. Lemonaid is great for people like you who are too busy to take time out to get to the doctor’s office.

Whether you’re starting NuvaRing for the first time, or you just want a refill, our doctors can help by giving you a 12-month prescription for your birth control ring after an online assessment.

We’ll send your prescription to your local pharmacy. If you have insurance that covers NuvaRing, you should be able to use your insurance at the pharmacy just like after a traditional doctor visit.


You need to know your blood pressure to get a prescription for NuvaRing. Thousands of drugstores have machines you can use.

To complete a visit with Lemonaid for NuvaRing you need to know your blood pressure, because NuvaRing contains the hormone estrogen. It’s not safe to take estrogen if you have raised blood pressure. Thousands of pharmacies have machines that can measure your blood pressure for free. Locate your nearest higi machine or Pursuant Health machine. Most Safeway, Walmart, Albertsons, and Rite Aid have a machine.

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No insurance? Where to get the best deal on NuvaRing

We’ll give it to you straight: NuvaRing isn’t cheap if you have to pay out of pocket because you don’t have insurance or insurance doesn’t cover NuvaRing. Most pharmacies will charge $150-190 per ring, and you need one ring a month. You can use GoodRx to get money-off coupons at some pharmacies but you’ll stay pay a lot.

If you want cost effective birth control, go for one of the $9/pack birth control pills from Walmart pharmacies. It’s $9/pack even without insurance. If you don’t know the pill you want we generally recommend Sprintec combination pill or Errin progestin-only pills.

If you have insurance, you should be able to get your NuvaRing under your health plan if your plan covers NuvaRing. Depending upon your plan your insurance may restrict you to getting a month or 3 month supply of Nuvaring from the pharmacy at a time.

Guaranteed Doctor Response



Requesting NuvaRing only takes a few minutes

Select NuvaRing

Select NuvaRing birth control ring from the list of birth control medicines we prescribe.

Answer NuvaRing health questions

Our questions cover your medical history, current medicines and your blood pressure. NuvaRing contains the hormone estrogen so it’s important you know your blood pressure.

Select pharmacy

Choose any pharmacy in your state. We send your NuvaRing prescription electronically. You’ll pay for NuvaRing at the pharmacy.

Pay visit fee

Pay the visit fee to us. Separately you’ll pay the pharmacy for NuvaRing when you go to the pharmacy.

Doctor review

One of our doctors or nurse practitioners will review everything. In some states you'll have an immediate video call with our team, in others we just need to give you a call.

Pick-up NuvaRing

Wait for our message to say we’ve given you a prescription for NuvaRing, then go to the pharmacy to pick-up and pay for it. Make sure you read the treatment plan we send you before you use NuvaRing.

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Who we can't help

We can’t give you a prescription for NuvaRing if any of the following apply.
We may be able to give you a prescription for a progestin-only birth control pill.

  • Under 18
  • 50 or older
  • You're a man
  • Don't know your blood pressure
  • Pregnant or may be pregnant
  • Experiencing unusual vaginal bleeding
  • Previously had an allergic reaction to birth control medicines
  • Experience migraines with aura
  • Liver or gall bladder problems
  • You want the pill to treat acne or control your period


Mon-Fri 7AM-6PM, Sat & Sun 8AM-12PM PST

We're based in San Francisco. You can call us or hit us with questions on instant chat during business hours. You can send us a secure message through your Lemonaid account any time.

Email medical records

If you have a primary care provider, it’s important to keep them informed.

Go to your account to email a summary of the care we provide so you can share this information with your doctors. Or, contact us if you want us to send the summary of your care to your doctors. It's important that we're part of your overall care, not separated from it.

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